Thursday, February 18, 2010

to buy

 Bonery pieces i have to buy now, but i do custom and make to order most often. all bones and teeth are hand sculpted.

bone web 
with glass and metal beads

Hunting Keys
glass and ceramic beads

Talisman: threes a charm
these feature little figures made of a skull and a beaded body.

Talisman: gut feeling twins
glass , ceramic and plastic beads. they have matching smiley face bellies. very mischievious!

Marbles Eye:
these pieces are based on eyes, webs and shapes.
i love making these, finding the right marble and and the bits that match, the marble definitely has alot to do with the created out come.
they all have atleast 2 teeth.

eyes are made of old fighter marbles

this one is super special!
the second eye at the bottom is my favorite sort
a K.O marble. it has smash marks! the big one is also well travelled in the chalk ring.
this is based on the vision of a spider web at dawn with glasy dew drops.

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