Thursday, February 18, 2010

to buy

 Bonery pieces i have to buy now, but i do custom and make to order most often. all bones and teeth are hand sculpted.

bone web 
with glass and metal beads

Hunting Keys
glass and ceramic beads

Talisman: threes a charm
these feature little figures made of a skull and a beaded body.

Talisman: gut feeling twins
glass , ceramic and plastic beads. they have matching smiley face bellies. very mischievious!

Marbles Eye:
these pieces are based on eyes, webs and shapes.
i love making these, finding the right marble and and the bits that match, the marble definitely has alot to do with the created out come.
they all have atleast 2 teeth.

eyes are made of old fighter marbles

this one is super special!
the second eye at the bottom is my favorite sort
a K.O marble. it has smash marks! the big one is also well travelled in the chalk ring.
this is based on the vision of a spider web at dawn with glasy dew drops.

voodoo people

this series was the very beginning of Faustettes journey visually. 07-08

once upon a time

this is some older work .

these are some of an older collection of works i still draw upon.
most go back to 07, i am looking back on them for alot of my more recent secret projects.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


this is some of a series i am working on at the moment. 09 through to 2010 and on and on....
FAUSTETTE is an evolving character on a journey. she travels through the form of creatures space and colour. many of the creatures are metaphors for different points of change and sight.
my printer is not fond of some of the colours i am so their a little different, ull catch the drift

"beauty with  a bears head
born from a boulder
no family to become"

'a crow in time a wind chime sign'

theBonery......and Faustette, doing what she do.

all Bonery pieces are hand made and one off
as unique as your own skeleton
no creatures were harmed. just mused
contact Laura 

photography by Birdie
see more of her eye at
she's something of a phenomena...i think
modelled by the gorgeous bee. 

artist and designer from sydneys dirty south. now living in the trees of the east,
i have been making bone pieces for over 3 years. every piece is made by individual process with proper time and thought. they pretty much create themselves using my hands and my eyes to pull together. every bone, tooth and marble eye is hand sculpted and set with various pieces of glass metal and plastic beads.
natural form and creation is my muse so i choose to use the given forms of the skeleton.i love being in the Bonery playing with all the textures, colours and shapes.finding the perfect mismatches. 
i use old marbles to make eye like pendants. they provide me with endless findings from the un predictable colour schemes to the smash marks reminiscent of the day they K.O'd the rest outta the chalk ring! remember the end of men in black??  
sometimes i think of the dark bone pieces as astronauts blown up in the sky. their floating graves mingling with space rocks. the ivory colour bones have more of a earthly feel, but i like to mix them up with raving bits of plastic and fluro colour.
FAUSTETTE is an evolving character on a journey. she travels through the form of creatures space and colour. she features in my art works most of the time. but bee did an amazing job at channelling her essence.

Faustette wakes up in Hunters and Gatherers bones

Faustette summons while donning long strings of bones 

                                   bone catcher P.O.A. available in dark or light bones

Faustette wears bonery layers of talisman and hunters and gather pieces.

Faustette bed rockin hair bones

faustette and the manifestation ball